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 Official Releases:

Level π

this burning part of me (EP)

Order 'this burning part of me' (CD in jewel case) directly:


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this burning part of me

1. silentium

2. limit to your love

3. abendhimmel

4. mine

5. voices in my head

6. two

7. mine - instrumental reprise




"Audio Cologne Project" - 2911

(Uwe Cremer/Dave Pearson)

Download at: bandcamp.com

You can pre-listen to all tracks at: bandcamp.com

audio cologne project

1. chemist's bike

2. crazy bongo's

3. spieluhr

4. grobmotorik

5. mind the gap

6. bonus track - akustisch-1




Uwe Cremer/Thomas Rydell:

Sirius Singularity

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Sirius Singularity - teaser

Sirius Singularity


1. Sirius Singularity

2. Revisiting the Art Museum

3. Gizeh Intelligence




Level π: Dunkelstunde

How to order 'Dunkelstunde' (as CD-R in digipak) directly:


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Level π: Electronic Sheep

You can buy 'Electronic Sheep' at Musea


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Album Electronic Sheep


Level π: Entrance

How to order "Entrance" directly:


Enjoy the samples:

Album Entrance


Compilations & more

Psychedelic Underground 13

MyOuterSpace Vol 5

Pferdekopfnebel ( download)

schallplatte 12

sampler of the em-fanclubs schallwende e.v.

Music for a motorbike shop


For Friends

Tasmanischer Geburtstagsgruss
Die Mädels der Wiersbergstrasse


Level π Special in der

TDFZ Radioshow

Level π Special

Tangerine Dream Fans Zone:


 Private Releases

as PSR

Absent Friends

private pressing with eight songs


private pressing with three long tracks

Being someone else

private pressing with four long tracks

In Zusammenarbeit mit Artwörk99


u.a. cherokee, pinball, zappa


Bad Times

 About my music:

The days of Krautrock are over since long now, like the ones of long improvised sound mixtures. The times are also over for those songs which brought along the charm of not being perfect. Songs which were carried by the enthusiasm of creating something new – despite few means and limited possibilities – or which at least made you follow the tracks of the living legends of the time.

What was more obvious than following the example of the Krautrockers and composing the music I myself wanted to listen to? I got a keyboard as well as a multieffect processor machine and got going.

The first songs were recorded live, track by track, while the computer became the tape recorder. All the effects were created by the Korg AX1000G. Later, some more software was added with the result that it sounded like Klaus Schulze for example – the last four songs were done at this very stage. Therefore, whoever feels reminded of the sound of some well-known bands, may take these lines as what they were thought for: a tribute to those musicians, that is to say, to the time when Kraut rock was young, and Pink Floyd were still composing music.